Hotel Management

FSC Hospitality provides hotel management that maximizes the potential of the hotel in line with the owner's purpose of owning the hotel. As a third-party operator in the forms of management contract with original brand, international hotel brands and domestic brands as well as franchise operation, we operate in an optimal way to maximize revenues and profits for each hotel. In addition, we propose and implement improvement measures for all issues of hotel management, including accommodation, restaurant, and banquet operations, and contribute to maximizing revenues and profits.

  1. General Operations

    FSC Hospitality delivers the improvement strategy, such as revision of the organization chart, work environment, and staff education, through deep examination of the organization and daily operations.

  2. Sales

    FSC Hospitality checks and proposes the improvement plans for the numerical value management of accommodations. We also review the way of adjustment of room allocation for travel agencies and internet sales, and propose improvement measures as well as the best balance in sales of wedding and banquets.

  3. Marketing

    FSC Hospitality proposes and implements various processes from the basics of marketing, such as targeting, market research, verification, study and public relations strategy. We conduct employee training and provide them with knowledge and expertise that enable staff to work on marketing independently.

  4. Revenue Management

    The most common definition of Revenue Management is “Selling the right product to the right client at the right moment at the right price via the right distribution channel with the best cost efficiency”. However, to execute revenue management is very difficult because “vacant room” can’t carry over as inventory to the next day, the number of customers changes daily, demand volatility is high depending on the season and events. FSC Hospitality provides expertise of revenue management to forecast the demand and conduct appropriate sales management (e.g., pricing and timing of customer approaches) to maximize profits.

  5. Banquet and Wedding Management

    Depending on the hotel, the Banquet & Wedding Division belongs to different departments therefore is managed by different logistics. FSC Hospitality considers and proposes optimal organizational structures that enable smooth operation and improve profits of banquets and weddings.

  6. Restaurant Management

    Restaurant is a department with a large difference in customer satisfaction. FSC Hospitality verifies restaurants from all aspects, from menu configuration to ordering and smooth operation, and proposes optimal solutions.

  7. IT Strategic Plan

    While IT strategies are essential, they also add to the burden of initial investment and running costs, as well as increase the burden on staff. FSC Hospitality reviews the optimal and existing systems that contribute to the increase in revenues and profits of individual hotels, and proposes slimming down the entire system for efficiency.

  8. Renovation Plan

    Hotel renovation planning is an essential part of improving the brand image and maximizing profits. FSC Hospitality uses its extensive experience and expertise to consider and propose renovation plans by prioritizing refurbishment areas that will have the maximum impact on a limited budget.

  9. Management Accounting and Cost Control

    For hotels that have their own management accounting and cost control system, the FSC Hospitality performs comparative verification using world-standard hotel accounting system and proposes improvements.

  10. Cash Flow Management

    FSC Hospitality verifies the cash flow management of individual hotels and propose cash control methods that contribute to the appropriate and increase of corporate value.

  11. Purchasing

    Improving the quality of purchased goods and streamlining the purchasing system in hotels are factors that influence the brand image. FSC Hospitality verifies the introduction of a purchasing system that enables price comparisons of registered suppliers, the efficiency improvement by relocating purchasing staff members, the cost reduction of bulk purchase as the Hotel Group, the quality and purchase price of souvenirs, gifts at weddings, food ingredients, supplies, etc. and proposes for improvements.