Collaborate with us for a better future

The approach toward hotel is changing on a global scale. Wants and needs to share high-quality comfort and satisfied time with someone special. Desire for rewarding and comfortable working environment with peace in mind. Willingness to create the better future of human being and society through business.

As a service provider specializing in hotels, FSC Hospitality captures those changes from a realistic perspective and achieve our objectives with sincerity.

Now, collaborate with us for a better future.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
FSC Hospitality K.K.
February 17, 2021
Aska V Nihombashi 7F, 1-3 Nihombashi Odenmacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011
Minoru Nabeshima
Business Services
  • 1. Operation and Management of Hotels
  • 2. Contract Operation, Asset Management and Planning & Development of Hotels
  • 3. Consulting Services related to Management and Investment of Hotels
  • 4. Sales, Exchange and Lease of Real Estate
  • 5. All Services related to the above listed Business Services