The necessary actions are simple and we deliver them sincerely.


We deliver the sincere answers to your problems.

FSC Hospitality is a hospitality firm that operates, develops and manages hotel, with an emphasis on boutique, lifestyle and luxury hotels, and resorts.

Hotel development, operation, and asset management involves a wide variety of elements and tasks such as exploring strategic rebranding; problems inherent in organizations, human resources, and services; business optimization that changes with the times and economic circumstances.

As a hotel-specialized service provider, FSC Hospitality assesses the essence of individual backgrounds and tasks, plans and implements the solutions that are really necessary.

We understand the importance hotel owners place on maximizing returns, improving the value of their assets. We deliver the returns to hotel owners through a specialized, integrated hotel operation and asset management platform.



The important thing is not theory but realistic and persistent strategy backed with the wealth of experience

The real solutions are not created from the desk top only. FSC’s way to the solution is to thoroughly identify the objectives of each project and the challenges of the organization, to provide realistic and persistent strategy, and to execute effective support by our experienced members. A wide range of service list that we provide can realize variety of needs and stages of hotel development, operation and asset management To identify the "essence" , lead to the "innovation", and create “sustainable” value, that's the service we FSC Hospitality provides.

The company’s principals and managers have the breadth of experience in hotel operations, management and franchising, business development and asset management, in all over Japan.



Collaborate with us for a better future

The approach toward hotel is changing on a global scale. Wants and needs to share high-quality comfort and satisfied time with someone special. Desire for rewarding and comfortable working environment with peace in mind. Willingness to create the better future of human being and society through business.

As a service provider specializing in hotels, FSC Hospitality captures those changes from a realistic perspective and achieve our objectives with sincerity.

Now, collaborate with us for a better future.