Human Resources Strategy

The quality and ability of human resources, the motivation of staff to work, and the appropriate evaluation system are the lifeblood of a hotel where people themselves are the pillars of brand value. High motivation control of staff who work day by day at the hotel is expressed in the low turnover rate.

  1. Originally Developed and Built Systems

    • Multi-Tasking System
    • Unit System
  2. Training System

    • Hotel Management Training
    • Hospitality Training
    • Diverse Hiring of Human Resource with digital training tools
    • Data Analysis and Management Training
  3. Recruitment

    • Networking within the Industry
    • Networking with Educational Institutions
    • Expertise for Preparation and Implementation of Event-Type Recruitment
  4. Review and Rebuild Personnel and Evaluation Systems

  5. Maintenance of Work Environment with High-Level Psychological Safety (In-house Training)

  6. Operational Reforms and Work Style Support

    • Diversity of Shorter Working Hours
    • Operational Reforms through Digital Innovation