Hotel Development

In line with the needs of business owners, from original brand development to branded development, FSC Hospitality leads the project in the direction that is best for various hotel openings.

  • Phase I

    Basic Concept and Base Plan

    At the beginning of the hotel development, we verify basic surveys on the market and location, positioning against competitors, and selecting options for hotel brands.

    • Feasibility Study & Verification
    • Product & Merchandizing Concept
    • Operation Outline
    • Preliminary Business Planning
  • Phase II

    Implementation plan

    We formulate business plans, organizational structure, manning, recruitment, and training plans, support various applications and procedures for authorities, establish an operation system, and formulate sales and marketing plans.

    • Detailed Business Planning
    • Construction and Interior related Work
    • Start-up preparation planning
    • Formulation and Partial Implementation of Organizational Structure, Manning, Recruitment and Training Plans
    • Various Applications and Procedure Support
    • Formulation of Sales and Marketing Plan
    • Establishment of Management Company’s System
    • Establishment of Various Operational Systems
  • Phase III

    Start-up preparation

    We establish a preparatory office to support various operations until opening while carrying out business planning, staff training, system establishment, public relations and publicity activities, etc.

    • Purchasing
    • Organizational Structure and Recruitment-related Work
    • Branding-related Preparation Work
    • Support for Various Permit and Approval Application and Procedure
    • Formulation of Operation Management Plan
    • Budgeting and Mid-Term Business Planning
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Training
    • Various System Introduction

Our extensive track record and solid expertise to create essential, innovative, and sustainable hotel

  1. Development and Reform of Hardware Configuration

    The composition of the various facilities (hardware) that make up a hotel is one of the factors that influences the value of the hotel. FSC Hospitality has a solid track record of operational impact on how hardware configuration can increase productivity and value for customers through various types of hotel development and renovation initiatives.

  2. Creating a Community-based Hotel

    By opening up food and beverage facilities, for instance, we make a hotel loved by the local community and the community starts to recommend to the friends, family, and local companies. Hotel staff actively communicates with the local community and is involved in the social action program to smoothly win the community over to hotel’s side.

  3. Creating Differentiation of Hospitality

    We propose sophisticated and personalized services, such as creating devices that increase the satisfaction of each customer by providing face-to-face services and collaboration among staff.

  4. Launching Original Brand

    We create original brands by making use of our experience in launching hotel brands from scratch, such as The Gate Hotel.