Asset and Financial Improvement

FSC Hospitality maximizes the value of hotel assets from the perspective of asset management by making full use of our advanced expertise and solid experiences.

  1. Repositioning Planning and Implementation Management

    In order to enhance the brand value of existing hotels, we revalidate the current positioning, formulate and manage various repositioning plans, such as changes of the operating structure and renovations for revitalization.

  2. Renovation Strategy and Budgeting Management

    We develop a renovation strategy to enhance the brand image to the hotels you want to stay with effectively spending the limited budget. Also, we formulate budget controls that will be carried out by prioritizing the renovation areas as a medium- to long-term project.

  3. Effective and Productive Improvement Plan

    We review the details related to efficiency and productivity of hotel operations, such as purchasing systems and staffing, and propose unintroduced measures for improvement.

  4. Operator Selection and Rebranding Plan

    With the aim of improving the brand value and profitability of existing hotels, we select and propose brands that have the most optimal and maximum effect, such as partnering with foreign hotel brands.